The Wilson Foundation changed Ship’s Company Theatre forever. The theatre company, based in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, was founded in 1984 where they staged theatre shows under tarps and rigging upon the historic Kipawo Ferry on land for three decades. Thanks to the generous support of the Wilson Foundation, Ship’s Company Theatre was able to achieve the dream of having their own theatre building constructed around the docked vessel. This award-winning venue, designed by MacKay-Lyons, is a unique must-see tourism attraction in the region and has housed the summer theatre productions and music concerts since 2004. The long-standing impact of this building, and therefore the donation from the Wilson Foundation, will continue on for generations upon generations to everyone who steps foot inside our beautiful venue; for everyone who sees our theatre pieces; for the kids who have taken theatre camps on our fantastic deck. We cannot thank the Wilson Foundation enough for believing in our company and securing its future as a mainstay in Parrsboro with our one-of-a-kind building.

Blaze Frazer
General Manager, Ship's Company Theatre