Nonprofit and voluntary organizations deliver services, identify emerging needs, raise and distribute funds, promote volunteerism, encourage citizen engagement and influence policy initiatives. They touch every aspect of our lives from arts and cultural activities to health and social services. These include professional associations, law, advocacy and political organizations, fraternal bodies, sports, recreation, environment, health, faith, housing, community development, multicultural, heritage, youth and seniors organizations, and food banks.

Since 2003 The George W. Wilson and Teresa Madelyn (Merriam) Wilson Foundation has supported community efforts across Atlantic Canada. In 14 years the Foundation has contributed over $1,071,000.00 towards community efforts performed by charitable organisations in helping their volunteers enrich the communities they care about. These organizations work tirelessly to support people and programs in their respective communities, and The George W. Wilson and Teresa Madelyn (Merriam) Wilson Foundation are proud to partner with them in the Atlantic region.